Cole2k Media - Codec Pack (Standard)

Cole2k Media - Codec Pack (Standard) 8.0

Developer Cole Williams

It is a tool which allows media players to play a wide variety of file formats.

XviD MPEG4 Video Codec

XviD MPEG4 Video Codec 6.1

Developer DigitByte Studio


PhotoSuite 7.1

Developer Roxio

PhotoSuite 7 a smart capture utility for importing photos.

Allok MPEG4 Converter

Allok MPEG4 Converter 6.2

Developer Allok Soft Inc.

Flexible video conversion tool with support for nearly all known video codec.


Video Codec VRO

Pegasus Imaging PICVideo Motion JPEG

Pegasus Imaging PICVideo Motion JPEG 4.0

Developer Pegasus Imaging Corporation

An M-JPEG video codec that allows you to compress and decompress video files.

XviD Video Codec

XviD Video Codec 1.3

Developer XviD

Is a video codec for PC, whereas codec is an abbreviation for [co]der/[dec]oder.

WebVideo Author

WebVideo Author 1.1

Developer Wondershare Software Co., Ltd.

produce professional video.

Advanced X Video Converter

Advanced X Video Converter 5.0

Developer Advanced X Video Converter

Easy to use program for converting video and perfoming other useful functions.

Etymonix MPEG-2 Video Codec

Etymonix MPEG-2 Video Codec 1.1

Developer Etymonix Inc.

Professional-quality MPEG-2 I-frame software-only Video for Windows codec.

DivX ;-) Video Codec (Low-Motion)

DivX ;-) Video Codec (Low-Motion) 3.1

Developer Microsoft

Super DVD to PSP Converter

Super DVD to PSP Converter 6.0


DVD to PSP Converter is the easy to use convert DVD to PSP software available.

XviD MPEG-4 Video Codec rev.1.2.0.

XviD MPEG-4 Video Codec rev.1.2.0. 1.4

Fast Video to Audio Converter

Fast Video to Audio Converter 2.3

Developer AVN Media Technologies

Fast Video to Audio Converter helps you to extract audio file.

3herosoft Zune Video Converter

3herosoft Zune Video Converter 3.7

Developer 3herosoft

3herosoft Zune Video Converter can convert most regular video formats.


Video Codec VRO

Vocord video codec

Vocord video codec 1.0

Developer Название организации

Huffyuv lossles video codec

Huffyuv lossles video codec 2.1

Developer Benrg

Huffyuv is a very fast, lossless Win32 video codec.

Codec : DivX Pro Video Codec

Codec : DivX Pro Video Codec 5.2

Developer DivX, Inc.

Bytescout Lossless Video Codec

Bytescout Lossless Video Codec 1.0

Developer Bytescout Software

A lossless video compression and decompression video codec for Windows.

OakPlanet DVD-QL Video Codec

OakPlanet DVD-QL Video Codec 1.0


Scati MPEG-4/H.264 Video Codec

Scati MPEG-4/H.264 Video Codec 2.0

Developer Scati Labs S.A.


Recordzilla 1.4

Developer Softdiv Software Sdn Bhd.

It lets you capture video, audio and pictures on your computer screen.


DDVideoPalmVideo 5.1

Developer DayDayVideo

DDVideo Palm Video Converter Gain,a Specially-designed for Palm users.

Video Constructor Client

Video Constructor Client 2.0

Developer Bliscom, Ltd.

It is specialized visualization software of the multilayer video assembly.

XviD Video Codec 21092002-1 (Koepi's build with EPSZ ME)

XviD Video Codec 21092002-1 (Koepi's build with EPSZ ME) 1.0

Developer Xvid Solutions

X264 H.264AVC Video Codec

X264 H.264AVC Video Codec 1.0


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